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the Young Winemakers

There are 14 of us, we are friends, we make wine and we haven’t even turned 40 yet. We are the Young Winemakers.
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Until 2016, we used to meet on various occasions. Some of us met at the Faculty of Horticulture, others over wine or beer, and in our wineries and wine cellars. We have always been united by the passion for what we do – we could talk for hours about wine and everything connected to it.

And because we wanted to draw other kindred spirits into our world and lend support and provide a clearer direction to everything we do, we founded the Young Winemakers Association.

We have joined our forces and we leave all the rivalry and competition to those who enjoy such things. We know that good things do not compete with each other and wine is a wide and varied field in which each of us can excel.

We believe that mutual support, sharing of know-how, trends and inspiration leads to producing wines with added value, which is more important than the product itself. We want to bring this added value not only to our customers, but also to Moravian and Czech viniculture in general.

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We want to build a positive attitude towards Moravian and Czech wine among the general public. We want to reveal to you how wine is made and how we enjoy its production, first in the vineyard and then in the cellar. We aim to show you what needs to be done before wine gets into the bottle so that it can delight you.

We proudly profess Moravian traditions and we also want to promote the Czech Republic as a traditional wine region, which not only follows new trends in the field but even sets them.For us wine is not just numbers and business, it is a wealth of experiences and emotions.We are the Young Winemakers and wine is our life.

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